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With 100 attractions, 22 countries, 26,000 employees and a recent public listing - Merlin is an organisation very much on the up. Crucial to its continued growth are the communication skills of its leaders. Whether opening a new theme park in Shanghai, briefing staff in the London Dungeons or delivering internal business updates – they need to be outstanding at winning both hearts and minds. Since 2013 a series of our Presence and Impact workshops backed up by 1:1 coaching has helped them do that.

As an interim Talent Director, I meet a broad range of development consultants and Kirkstone stands out like a shining beacon!  As an individual, Will is profoundly authentic, always seeking to deliver memorable development that makes a lasting difference to an organisation.  As a partner, Kirkstone asks those questions that make me stop and think, to ensure we identify the best approach to achieve great outcomes. Their desire to talk to every participant before programme rollout reaps enormous benefit and helps to build a supportive environment to maximise learning.  Post programme, participants and their managers frequently (and spontaneously) commented on visible and tangible behavioural change and could attribute corresponding positive business impact.  For me, the evidence is consistent and Kirkstone remain on my preferred vendor list.

Fiona Karsberg, Interim Talent & Development Director

For the past three years Kirkstone have played a key role in enhancing the communication impact of our leaders. Kirkstone consistently receive outstanding feedback - both for their ability to engage and stretch our people and for how they uniquely craft each event to deliver maximum effect and maximum ROI. I would have no hesitation recommending them for this type of work.  

 Tea Colaianni, Group Human Resources Director

We decided to go the coaching route with one of our managers as we had specific outcomes within a timeframe that we needed to reach. I wasn’t entirely convinced we’d meet either, as there are so many variables when dealing with individuals and change; but Kirkstone’s approach and style brought about dramatic and immediate improvements, which are still having an impact for this individual 6 months down the line.  We have worked with Kirkstone in other coaching and training settings, and there too we have seen significant changes in individual behaviour and performance as a result.

Katy Grelé, HR Director, LEGOLAND

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