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Our coaching work loses sleep about helping people think and perform differently. Some of it focuses on developing people to coach others, some of it more in line with a classic 1:1 coaching arrangement.

Borrowing ideas from high performance sport and proven business models, we’re all about helping shape brighter futures. Futures that deliver faster results (or slower but better ones). That resonate with the soul as well as the organization. Futures informed by deeper understanding and more savvy decision-making.

We develop managers and leaders who need to let go. People with bright, capable teams itching to over-perform. People who recognise that coaching can be the springboard to getting the right things right, developing strength in depth and staying sane. To opening minds and exploring what’s really there - when times are good and less so. Our 1:1 work revolves around these things too.

The course will have a profound impact on my future
Customer Service Manager


We've seen immediate, tangible improvements from Kirkstone's coaching. It has made a huge difference to the individual personally, to their career and to the business

HR Director


One of the best coaches I have ever met

Market Insights Director

This is the most useful course the company has provided to me as an individual. I have so many tools I can use in my everyday life, but also with the change in the business

Head of Customer Services

The last 17 months have been incredible useful to me. It’s been a great pleasure to work with Will. I’m sure we will work together again soon. He’s become a real cornerstone in my career

Global Head of Machine to Machine

One of the best training courses I’ve ever attended
Research Director

A very refreshing and enlightening experience for me. I have never left a course with so many practical applications that I can use and have real benefit from straight away
Regional Manager

A big thank you. Personally and professionally I now believe I have turned the corner

Production Manager

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